Wouter may have a degree in industrial design, but he is not your typical engineer. His love of imagery has led him through an array of working environments. Growth and development is key according to Wouter. This will work in both your and his advantage. You are looking for someone who won’t stop until you are satisfied and Wouter works until you are completely satisfied.

Wouter is a professional with an impressive record. For over 10 years, he has been at the forefront of photography and design, as you can tell by his work. If you’ve had the chance to look at his portfolio, you will have noticed the quality and diversity of techniques he has used. Wouter only works with the best equipment, to ensure a high quality end result. If needed, his studio can be set up at a location of your choosing.

Wouter is not only an excellent photographer, he is also very skilled and experienced in the editing process. This will result in a representative outcome, which will match or even exceed your ideas and expectations for the photo shoot. This is exactly what Wouter wants and does. You will work closely with a passionate creative who will gladly make your ideas come to life. He will make sure that the images and graphic designs speak for themselves.

In his portfolio, you will find a broad selection of his previous work, to give you a good impression of his abilities. Communication is key to Wouter, so feel free to get in contact with him to make an appointment. He is able to meet you at his office or at a location of your choosing.