Wouter offers a vast selection of possibilities when it comes to photography and design. As a result of his extended experience within this industry, he is very confident in realizing your ideas.


Wouter offers a visual experience through his photographs, but that’s not where the possibilities end. He can also design anything for you with regards to graphic design. Everything? Yes, anything you want. In his portfolio you will find examples of website’s, logo’s and other graphic designs. Wouter is familiar with WordPress, Joomla!, PHP, CSS, Adobe Packet and many more. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to get in touch with him.



Portrait photography is more than just taking a picture of a person. It has to accurately reflect the mood and the ideas of the person in front of the camera. A common mistake is to assume that a portrait would only entail a headshot. A portrait could also be shot of someone in their working environment, their home or a striking or meaningful location. It’s all about the individual and what he or she stands for. Wouter is able to do this in his studio or on location.


Wouter has a studio where he can make your ideas come to life. However, you are not bound to his studio. It is always an option to choose a different location. The end result is what’s important, which means that he will always discuss with you which location would be most suitable and effective. Feel free to get in contact with Wouter to discuss the possibilities for your project.


Wouter has the ability, experience and equipment to showcase your products and to let the images reflect the quality, experience and image of your brand. This can be done in his studio or at a location of your choosing. Naturally, there will always be an opportunity to have a sit down with him after the photo shoot to discuss edits and ideas. Wouter will work until you are completely satisfied with the end result.


Wouter has been capturing moments at concerts for over ten years. His experience has evolved in vast understanding of this type of photography. It has become second nature to him. He knows how to capture a moment that will truly reflect the spirit of the event. Ten years on, Wouter still visits and captures moments at various concerts on a weekly basis. He will never stop perfecting this skillset. In his portfolio you will find a clear representation of his abilities. Please feel free to get in contact with him to discuss the possibilities.